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 Beauty Gene analyzes your gene cells and Made-to-order lotion made through a special inspection! !! Such a novel idea became popular, It is now ranked high in the cosmetics ranking. In March of this year when it was first released, Almost unrecognized, Since it was introduced on a celebrity blog, its recognition has risen. Now, as a topic, Isn't it currently number one? Price, word of mouth, effect ... They want information about the products they care about . This time, I will focus on word of mouth ♪ What is the review of Bigene's At Cosmetics? Regarding this beauty gene There are no reviews at At Cosmetics. Unfortunately, even on that huge word-of-mouth site The current situation is that there is no word of mouth. So why not? The reason is "Because the ingredients are different for custom-made lo

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 N ow people from this industry went through a lot of stuff. For starters, celebrities party all night, listen to loud music, drugs, sex, alcohol and booze are the major part of a celebrity’s life. They do because when are in the limelight, you don't give a shit. Isn't it true,---  Of The Most Shocking Secrets Celebs Have Ever Revealed About ... let you in on some of those things they had kept hidden, minds are blown. ... Family Release Part Two Of Their FaceTime Prank Trolling Celebrity F  Keeping secrets is hard enough for us mere mortals, but imagine doing so ... More from The Stir: 10 Best Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements .